Thursday, May 6, 2010

Greetings and Salutations My Cherished Friends~Welcome to my blog site which is intended for ADULTS ONLY...I wast growing tired of certain photographs being removed from my Facebook and Myspace pages...I wast tired of having to be child friendly, so I discovered this outlet...I believe illuminated adults should rule and that there should be areas specifically for us on this internet...I will post previously censored photos from the other sites and adult conversation on Sexe Magick, Left Hand Path rituals, Hoodoo Rites I have seen and experienced and Ceremonial Magick workings I have achieved...I will also write about some of my experiences within the rock musick world and talk about my passed ancestors who visit me from time to time...And I humbly thank thee...Always Thine, Jinx

The infamous Black Mass gatefold photo inside the 1969 Coven "Witchcraft" album